B.E.M offers advanced marine range of alternators which were evolved into a fully approved marine product.

After the introduction of many new products in the last few years B.E.M is now in the position to offer the low voltage alternators L03 to L07 for the hybrid drive systems on the shipyards worldwide. Our generators are suitable for serial hybrid drive and parallel hybrid drive which allows for both the electric and the diesel engine to be operated independently of each other. The generator constructed and produced by B.E.M is one of the basic components of this worldwide innovation in the field of marine applications.

Our expertise is focused on delivering power solutions that solve your biggest challenges. B.E.M offers economical and reliable products.

Designing the generators for the highest possible efficiency leads to lower fuel consumption and high energy yield. B.E.M generators are designed for maximum service life and lowest maintenance costs.

Built as a modular concept (with up to 90% of the same accessories), maintenance is greatly simplified in the extended service intervals, and the downtime for maintenance is shortened. These points lead to the best cost and profit ratio for the user and provide a convincing sales argument for aspiration.