Power plant

Gas and diesel engines are used for numerous applications. During so-called “peak shaving”, motor-driven power generators provide short-term control energy if no wind energy is fed into the grid. Photovoltaic modules cannot supply our customers with electricity either. B.E.M generators can secure the increasing energy demand for a gas power plant.

Since the CO2 balance of bio and natural gas engines as a CHP solution is significantly better than that of coal, the efficient B.E.M generators can make their contribution to an environmentally friendly energy supply in the future due to their high electrical efficiency.

Although the steam turbine was invented in 1884, it still plays a crucial role in energy supply today. The aim was to make the B.E.M geared generator as easy to transport, set up and align as possible without affecting the high quality or any technical characteristics.

The optimum efficiency of the B. E. M. generators, equipped with the reliable planetary gears of well-known German manufacturers, are great economic advantages for the plant manufacturers and operators.