Innovative hybrid propulsion systems with B.E.M generators

After the introduction of new product ranges in the last few years, B.E.M is now presenting the low voltage alternators series L07, L08 and L09 specially designed for the innovative hybrid propulsion systems solutions in the field of marine application. Our generators, designed and produced by B.E.M company, are suitable for serial hybrid drive and parallel hybrid drive which allows for both the electric and the diesel engine to be operated independently of each other.

B.E.M generators may be used as an alternator (PTO) or electric motor (PTI) depending on the operating mode. This means that the energy collected in the batteries can be used as the sole energy source, with the option to put the diesel engine into stop mode at any time. Such hybrid technology provides numerous advantages for different types of vessel: yachts, passenger ships, ferryboats and harbour tugs.  Speed lovers make use of the hybrid propulsion system which can provide a power boost to the engine when needed for maximum bollard pull conditions. Having barely arrived in the bay, you drop anchor, stop the engine and relax. The electric motor delivers electric power -quietly and comfortably.

Equipped with B.E.M generators, the innovative hybrid propulsion system solution enables ships to operate at maximum efficiency and with minimal environmental impact.. The hybrid propulsion system facilitates average fuel savings of between 15% and 30% and cuts local emissions by 20% to 60%.