According to IEC60034, all generators are tested with on-field conditions; this includes an overload test with determination of the short-circuit characteristic and all reactance as well as proof of generator efficiency. For the rotating field control, all functions and protections of the voltage regulation system are also checked. During the high-voltage test with subsequent running at the maximum speed, a consistent vibration measurement of the balanced precision rotor is documented.

Besides, a sound level meter is used to determine the noise pressure level, further desired tests are possible as e.g. harmonic content (Total Harmonic Distortion) measurement. Our test capacity goes up to a rated power of 15 MW, while for higher powers the final tests are carried on our established partners premises.

You can always rely on an original B.E.M power product. Without any additional charge on the alternators products, we offer on request an extended warranty of 24 months from commissioning latest 36 months after delivery. Employee training can be provided for customers and end users. In the event of faults or service measures, you can always reach our trained technicians, our hotline being available 24 hours a day.